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Frozen Shoulder
What is frozen shoulder ?
How is the diagnosis of a frozen shoulder made ?
Will my shoulder motion return to normal?
Surgery or cortisone injections for frozen shoulder.
Dr Oolo Austin's Trigenics Frozen Shoulder Recovery  Procedure (OAT)
Shoulder Anatomy
Surgery or cortisone injections for frozen shoulder
Cortisone Injections
Hydro-Cortisone injections are also commonly used to decrease the inflammation in the frozen shoulder joint. The problem is that cortisone is a heavy steroid and is known to breakdown the muscles tendons and ligaments making them more susceptible to injury and tearing. Cortisone also has many side-effects. We do not recommend cortisone for these reasons.

What about surgery for frozen shoulder?

A surgical procedure where an arthroscope is inserted into the joint to cut through adhesions can also be performed. This procedure is called an arthroscopic capsular release. If surgery is performed, immediate physical therapy following the capsular release is of utmost importance. If rehab does not begin soon after capsular release, the chance of the frozen shoulder returning is quite high.
Alternately, a surgeon or manual medicine specialist such as a Chiropractic or Osteopathic physician may also perform a manipulation under anesthesia. This is called MUA. These heavy manipulations are performed with the patient sedated under anesthesia, and the doctor forcefully and suddenly moves the arm to literally break up adhesions caused by frozen shoulder. There is no actual surgery involved, meaning incisions are not made when a manipulation is performed. However this procedure is very forceful and is performed without any conscious input from the patient which creates a higher risk of associated joint or ligament damage then with more conservative treatments.

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